THE MATH: Vesta stations Direct in Virgo = The Origin of Vesta


What Flame will you nurture?

Vesta stationed direct
yesterday, in the signature 
of Virgo, the Virgin 
herself, forming an Earthy 
trine with Venus 

in our skies. Here, she is 
the epitome of wholeness.  
Vesta is One unto herself; 
keeper of the Sacred Flame; 
the hearth inside

your heart.  She asks you, 
and only you, what wicks 
your flame alive? What  
fractal of your Self desires 
to shine in the innermost 

room of your being?  Here, 
Vesta is prismatic, tending 
to passion like the mirror 
in the lighthouse, 
reflecting like the Moon 

unto the Sun.  She is 
devoted to this part of you. 
Vesta in Virgo communicates 
with the source of all 
sources, and radiates 

outward.  She fills her own 
cup from the ichor of life, 
and gladly gives of herself 
as she overflows with her 
own renewal.  She relishes 

the way well-being ripples 
outward as she sprinkles 
herself like pollen on the 
blooms she holds her
attention to. She knows the 

act of caring for herself is 
the greatest service of all; 
the honeyed energy from 
which all benefit echoes 
into the external. She 

dances in the lighthouse, 
with the mirror, holding 
hope up to the flame she 
chooses to magnify in all 

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