THE MATH: Venus + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus = Electric Prince


From the diary of Uranus: 4/22/21

Venus stopped by...

She said, “I’ll be around,” 
as she sat on my couch.  
She looked different. 

She glowed open.  We both
knew, she was giving me some
hours, but she can promise 

only to hold the ones 
she counts upon her toes-
She moves faster than me.

She got on her knees 
in the doorway 
of the kitchen.  She told me

the Sun is in my Heart.
She let me come
closer.  Fox unto the Hare,

I got near.  She looked
around. She whispered, “...I 
love how the hinges here 

grow like flowers.  
If I were permitted, I would 
paint bursts, opening 

for each one of them, 
like a hedge blossom.  
I would send pictures 

to you, so here.
I do in sounds building 
worlds. That’s all. You ever

let me give to you.  Listen, 
Electric Prince, until 
the moment sucks you


If Uranus sang to Venus…

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