THE MATH: (Mercury + Venus + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus) = You Will Cry


Venus and Uranus leave a message 
to Mercury’s voicemail, April 24,
11:50 PM PST.

U: No one can do it 
   the way I do it,
   no one needs to.

V: If you listen well, 
   your Child will guide you 
   in through the dark 
   of it, to the place where 
   your pleasure and pain
   break upon each other’s

U: Yes, you will not 
   even know where you are
   going, but you trust 
   in the Heart of some     
   random guy who seduced     
   you at 16.

V: I have seen it done 
   another way. You look
   into the child’s face, 
   as you hold out your care   
   for them, and every 
   moment you offer up 
   again. New.

U: Fresh. Dreamy. “Let us   
   try.” You read each 
   day for what 
   it speaks about

V: -embodiment! You make up 
   your own 

U: -mind! You let things     

V: You remember you are 
   playing with a child.

U: Any way you go, the first   
   wave will take you

V: -higher, and then lower,    
   and then

U: -who knows! Everything 
   from there.

V: Now you know which line 
   you’re on.

U: You can change like 
   trains in the station,    
   but the real secret is 
   to get off

V: -the train, and climb the 
   hill. Imbibe a Panoramic 
   view of All you have 
   played in, and BREATHE

U: -in all directions, as 
   the puzzle 

V: -pieces. You still won’t 
   know where

U: -you are going as you   
   weave Dust,

V: -but it will delight you.

U: And you will cry.

end message.

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