THE MATH: (Saturn + Aquarius) SQUARE (Uranus + Taurus) = The Philosopher’s Stone

Dear Saturn,

Life is not absurd, you are
just a stubborn old Daddy,
and Time is non-linear, 

Dear Uranus, 

Let’s find a way 
to take your New Age
bullshit, down from 
the cloud of self
-absorption, and make
something real, and like, 
actually helpful.

This thread is Alive.  Meaning it is animated, unfolding, potentially endless... 

I enjoy embodying the planets as they experience different transits.  This is where I’ll store my myths on Saturn and Uranus as they dance through a square in the signs of Aquarius and Taurus, one of the major transits energizing us as a collective this year.  

I also encourage you to write your own tales.  Try your hand at writing your own stories for the Gxdz! You may reveal great treasures to yourself.  At the very least, you might make yourself laugh.  It is a positive thing to beLight oneself. 

This square is dynamic tension within the same theme, composing tighter and looser arrangements throughout the year.  

To get an idea of how its song might be ringing in your life, look into times when the squares are exact, like on 2/17/21, when I wrote those love letters above.  

What did you write?  What images did you photograph?  What art did you make?  What projects did you take on, or off? What meetings were you in? What kinds of conversations were you having with others and yourself? How have these notes echoed into your Now?  

Things  are TENSE, yet the desire to relate does not diminish. Right now, the connection between Uranus and Saturn is wider.  By mid-June, they will be tightly squared at 13 degrees.  Saturn will be in a retrograde chapter of his sojourn through Aquarius- 
but today, on 4/26/21...

The Moon Rolls into Town...

She lures Uranus 
to a Karaoke bar 
in the depths of Scorpio, 

in the mouth of a lantern-
fish.  At, ‘The Ocean
Floor’, at 10:06 PM PST,

she asks him, “Tell us 
how you really feel, 

He brims as she shines 
her Full Moon spotlight on 

his form... Dreaming 
of Saturn, he sparks...

Uranus dreams of Saturn…

“Titration, and birth 
canals, this is the ask 
of the Universe: Let out 

Energy in ripples. We are
square-dancing like chess
pieces on checkered 

bedsheets; Masters. Shall we 
fold them, and create new 
geometries from the currents 

between our bodies, 
communicating in waves 
chosen by the shape of 

sound? We may need to 
speak in symbols, he and I, 
but can we bear 

to stay apart? To break 
together is a pattern 
we so infrequently 

...Uranus wakes up 
from the spell he cast on 
himself. He remembers who he 

is.  He calls himself 
to himself, across all 
dimensions and timelines.

He grounds to walk 
himself home.  He bids 
his Moon, “Sweet Night.” 

She calls to the back 
of his head, “Magician, 
you’ve made flame 

in the Sea, 
If Uranus sang a song to Saturn…
If Saturn sang a song to Uranus…

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