The MATH: Sun + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus = Fine, Bitch


Uranus sends a letter 
to moody Mars in Cancer: 4/30/21

Hey M,

The Sun stopped by.  I love
and loathe him, always 
shining a Light in my eye 

at 5 am. He tells me, 
“SNAP TF IN.” He tells me, 
“Slake this moment.  You 

will get there any Way 
you go, but if you ignore 
this one, you will have 

to make a series of small 
connections, and you do not 
have the Time for that.

Saturn has the Time, and 
he doesn’t know wtf he is
doing either, yet.  Trust 

me, I AM the Sun, I’ve been 
around. Time is 
an accessory. I only ask you 

to decide what you are
bringing with you, and stop 
looking out as if there is 

such a thing as backward.  
You are here, Now, with me, 
revolving with the Earth,

baby, burning shit 
for fertile ground.” I said, 
“fine, Bitch.” and took off

my socks.  Tell him, “Hi,” 
for me, when you see him, 
in October. 

Love, U

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