THE MATH: (Sun + Taurus) SQUARE (Saturn + Aquarius) = Giggle Time


The Sun FaceTimes

Saturn. Saturn does not

get a Word in,

”I saw Uranus last week.
-Listen, he loves you,
he just doesn’t want to

be you, OK?  There is no
problem, except the One
you make when you focus

that big, beautiful, probing
brain of YOURS, on him,
so intently, like he is 

something to fix.
He likes the spotlight, 
if you don’t dictate

every line he is 
meant to speak.  You really 
might consider learning

WTF you mean when you say 
Love.  Lately, you act 
more like the poster

-child for manipulation 
and control. Think on it, 
Time-Daddy. I’ll play

myself out...”
end FaceTime.

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