THE MATH: (Lilith + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus) = on the temple. She woke


From the diary of Uranus: 5/8/21

I found Lilith pretending 
to sleep on my couch 
in the morning. I kissed her
on the temple.  She woke. 

She said she had a dream
she was here, so she came. 
She’s been kicked out
of Eden longer than I. 

She said the Void is her
lover now, and I might
get used to riding it
out.  She stared into

her dark mirror.  She told
me, “In 11 years, you
will be with Saturn
-no resisting and no rushing 

it. ‘Contemplate his return,’ 
as Lao Tzu would 
say.  In the meantime, 
you have other ish to do.
You will stir shit up.
It is how you were made.
Aren’t you the one who said,
‘Fuck it!’ and tossed 

your balls into the Sea, 
making Love rise out of 
Chaos? It’s what you do, 
right? Now, we need you.

Gaia is your Queen.
Your lover-King will catch up 
to you, no matter what you 
do. That’s how Karma is;

each moment a reaping, but
Now, be a gardener. Sweat
at freeing blooms, but burn
off what was never you.” 

Then, she unbuttoned
her voice, and I strummed
her a song, and we shed 
sounds like skin.

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