THE MATH: (Mars + Cancer) SQUARE (Chiron + Aries) = So husk may pulp

In 2020, due to his bi-annual retrograde season, Mars spent an irregular 6 months traveling side by side with Chiron in Aries.  Now, these two celestial bodies are at a square, meaning they are no longer “on the same page” about how to take action through the wounds of the Now.  

While Chiron remains ablaze in Aries, on this New Moon in Taurus, the desires of Mars are shifting.  Where once the Warrior and the Wounded Healer agreed it was best to burn shit down in passionate abandon, Mars now asks Chiron to find a more nurturing approach to self-preservation.  

When you think back to late June 2020 to early January 2021, what was being revealed about your core wounds?  How were you responding to those revelations? 
Learn from the fire 
in your heart. Water 
your own soul 

with the minerals 
of self-forgiveness.  
Courageously carve 

new channels towards 
the Love you are.
5/11/21: Chiron sends Mars 
a message in a bottle...

I don’t want to fight anymore,
and I won’t for you.  Carry

your flame in kinder ways.
You may no longer hold me

like a torch you brandish
at the enemy.  Notice how

the pain flares as you
crave sweetness.  Wield

a softer weapon -like wet
Earth who soaks hard nut,

so husk may pulp, 
and seed may bloom.

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