Jupiter enters Pisces

From the diary of Neptune: 5/13/21

My brother enters my domain,
talking a Big Game at the gates,
telling the Ocean things

she already knows.  But
w/e, if she puts up with him, 
man-splaining, it’s fine

by me.  He’s so loud.  
He makes tsunamis in the wake
of his excitement. I’ve missed 

him. Anyways, Jupe said...

Jupiter muses…

”You can make anything,
in the Sea, don’t you know?
You become what you think.

That’s why it’s wise
to dream.  Flood your thoughts
with a new dimension.  Now,

you must embody it, 
if you want to boogie-
board a new wave

of perception.  Like the water
in a cube, you can shape
emotion into any crystal

you please, or take no shape
at all.  You can make
anything in the Sea,

don’t you know that?”
And he’s still serenading
her, swirling his 
Way towards a dream

he calls Dawn.

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