THE MATH: (Venus + Gemini) TRINE (Saturn + Aquarius) = Take a Selfie

Venus spills the tea…

Mercury, Venus, and Lilith

sit cross-legged, in a line,
braiding eachother’s hair,
in Gemini.  “OMG you guys,
you’ll never guess who 
sent me a voice memo
this morning.”

“-Time-Daddy,” quips Lilith.

”How did you know?”

”Because I am that bitch. Also, 
 I read your texts at the North Node.”

”Sooo..” Mercury lows, “are you
 going to dish, or what?”

”Yes, if you would both stfu.”
Venus plays Saturn’s voice memo: 5/19/21

“Hey Love,

It’s a relief to see you
swirling, bright, juggling
the many faces and phases

of life.  Everyone keeps
calling me, ‘Daddy’. 
I keep trying to tell them,

‘I’m just not that guy
anymore.’  I can change. 
I did change, back in

December.  It was famous.
People called it: The Great
Mutation.  But these frogs

still sit on the shore, croaking
at me, when really, they should be
swimming in Jupe’s Dreaming Sea.

‘YOU WANT A DADDY!?’ I shout
to them on their islands, ‘GO FUCK

But it feels like nobody is
listening.  Can’t they

feel him, raking the undertow,
sucking us all in with glamour
and catastrophe, fucking shit up,

like the vampire he claims not
to be? And sure, w/e, Death
and Transformation is ‘his thing’,

but even the wall of the Under
-World is crumbling.  Soon
there’ll be nothing.  And you

get it, there is no one Way
to see. It’s all just anthropology,
and powerful sociopaths, ruining

everything.  I’m the *Zaddy*
serving fresh, minty, multi
-dimensionality, but no one 

seems to notice me.”
“What do you think?” Asks Venus.

”He sounds lonely,” chimes Mercury,
”Let’s send him a selfie,
 of us, on three...”

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