Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, on 5/26/21, asks us to release old stories, and seek new truths.  

The asteroid Pallas Athene becomes conjunct Neptune in the Dreaming Sea of Pisces.  In the myths of old, Neptune raped Medusa in a temple to Athena.  A virgin goddess herself, Athena wanted Medusa punished for her “transgression”.  She assisted Perseus in killing Medusa by giving him a shield of protection.  The dark goddess was banished, slayed, severed, and at last reduced to an adornment on Athena’s breast, conquered.

On this eclipse, Pallas Athene utters an ending to the philosophies of old.  She uses her sexual and creative power to purify a heartless tale.  She begins the journey of re-assimilating the Triple Goddess that is Pallas, Athena, and Medusa.  A Maiden-Mother-Crone figure, more anciently known as Neith: Keeper of the mysteries of Life, Death, and Rebirth; Creatrix of the Universe.
This myth lives in our collective unconscious, whether you are male or female bodied.  You are not one character or the other based off of your sex and gender.  You are not solely a victim, or a perpetrator.  Both the masculine and feminine archetypes of this tale are not in authentic relationship with the dark goddess Medusa.  Both live within you. 

To know the dark, we must approach opaqueness.  To meet Medusa, we must willingly enter her domain.  We walk without a light, and allow her to reveal herself.  Replace fear with curiosity.  Sing into the Night, so she knows where to find you.  Let your eyes adjust.
We know there’s a new dream afoot, but we don’t quite know the path there.  Pallas Athene is not comfy in Pisces.  She is asked to sensualize what she would normally intellectualize.  

This is a journey of feeling our way, intuitively, step by step.  With every new footprint made on the Ocean floor, the tides change, the labyrinth shifts.  We must stop, and sense again. First moves are made by releasing what is no longer authentic, again and again ... and again. 

We initiate ourselves.
No one does this for us.
You are worthy of your dreams.
Bless yourself.
You don’t need to know where you’re going.  You just need to begin.  On this eclipse, Pallas Athene tells us, it is okay to change our minds, and we need no permission.  In fact, we are long overdue for an overhaul, and overhaul we will.  There is nowhere the owl-eyed goddess wanders not subject to her scrutiny.  And yet, here in the Sea of Dreams, the goddess of war and wisdom must soften, co-create, merge, and let herself be vulnerable. 

Neptune and Athena will experience simultaneous retrograde periods this year, extending their time together.  They will exchange narratives until 2/14/22, when Athena zips into Aries and leaves Neptune to his Ocean. 
Whatever your eclipse story is, it may take multiple drafts to awaken a dream you and your players can compatibly live into. Remember, we are all dreaming together. Trial and error becomes sacred psychodrama.  This dance is ancient.  Let the body lead.  Both parties are learning to weave a third thread between them.
Remain open to the idea that you don’t have all the “facts”. Discard assumptions.  Learn to hold multiple truths simultaneously.  We all have blood on our hands.  Offer yourself compassion for what you are evolving out of. 
How are you reseeing, reseeding, and reinventing the narratives that have led you to this Now?  What stories are you ready to stop telling to make room for new realities?  Lovingly give them to the Ocean.  Allow dissolution as a natural part of the process. Baptize yourself in the Sea of the Unknown.

Recommended reading for this transit: Mysteries of the Dark Moon, by Demetra George. (Available as a really lovely spoken telling on Audible for those that prefer to listen.)
Athena stands in the middle

of a colosseum of coral.  
Spectators ring outward from her 
center stage.  “Maiden,”

Neptune echoes from his Ocean
throne. “What brings you to this
Now?” The owl-eyed goddess looks 

him in the face, sorrowful 
as a flood, and for a moment, 
he is not sure who she is. 
Frozen, cold, he waits.  
She speaks...
“Uncle, I think we have done 
wrong by Medusa.  Let us change
the tale.  Let us dream it

new.  I, too, long 
to be more than a Virgin 
Warrior for the Way of Kings;

suffering chastity to remain 
deemed worthy.  As she, another
side of me, I take her back

into my Temple-Heart, 
where you found yourself 
condign to take her from me.

I thought it was her fault.
I will sew her back together.
I will comb her curling

snakes. I will look into
her eyes, and see my own
heart of stone.  And if I 

die, so be it.  I cannot 
harden more than man has 
asked me to, so I may walk 

among him as a Sovereign
Queen. I will birth this 
myth as the only child

of my flesh, and she is ours.”
Athena sings to the Sea as she struts the ocean floor….
Medusa whispers to her from the depths, “this Way” …
Neptune sings to himself, mulling it all over…

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