THE MATH: (Uranus + Taurus) TRINE (Vesta + Virgo) = Enter the Dreamvoid

Vesta gets a text from Uranus

Vesta unlocks the door, in 
the evening. She hangs her keys 
on the hook, in the Lighthouse. 

Her phone pings. She clicks on 
the link.  She listens.  She listens 
again.  She sparks up.  Her body 

moves, and moves more...

…Electric Bird…

Vesta texts back

Vesta, done spinning, glows, 
ruddy and bright. Panting, she 
picks up her smartphone, and types: 

I am grateful for wood
floors, and headphones 
with bass.  I am grateful 

for your Sound, ringing
in my bones. I love it,
Dream Weaver.

❤ V

…Enter the Dreamvoid…

This collaborative album by Dreamvoid, titled Social Anxieties in the New World, was woven together by Chad Browne-Springer.  It is an active expression of the innovative community-building and inter-connective culture-making emphasized by the astrological transit of Uranus in Taurus, an experience we will continue to live into until 2026.  

Uranus in Taurus asks us to shake things up, do things differently, and allow many voices to be heard, exalted, and expressed.  This project is an example of the possibilities at our fingertips when a community forges new paths towards one another in this age.  Meaning is made collectively.

In the beginning, there was a sound... Read the articles below to learn more about how this garden came into bloom.  

It is a story of a creative call and response; a community dreaming together, sending sounds of Life across the Void in these distanced and disparate times. 

Under extreme pressure, diamonds are formed, and pushed to the surface.  Witness the multifaceted wonder of this one.  Listen to the whole album, released 5/26/21, on Spotify, SoundCloud, or wherever you stream music. 

Read about the project

Listen to the album

Follow @enterthedreamvoid on Instagram to stay up to date on future collaborations.

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