THE MATH: Solar Eclipse in Gemini = Light a Match


The Solar Eclipse in Gemini peaks 
tomorrow, 6/10/21, at 4:53 AM PST.
Mercury meets the Sun 
in the center of it all.

“Mercury,” says the Sun,
”write this down, tell everyone.”


“Shall we birth into the Night?
We can.  Light a match 
inside, and you will shine

in the Place of Endings. 
Begin.  What do you see
upon the walls of your cave,

and will you step out
-side once you have come to
know the shadows dancing?

Take the Darkness with you
as the twin of your soul.
Without contrast, how

would you ever know who 
you think you are?  You may
burst again; sparks recreating

an array of Being.  I do it.
Be less like the coin,  and more
like the dreidel.  Spin, and fall,

and spin again with many faces. 
This is the Miracle of Endings 
Turned Beginnings.

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