Jupiter stations retrograde in Pisces

Today, on 6/20/21, 

Jupiter stations retrograde
until 10/28/21, here 
at the height of Summer.

He leaves Pisces in 40 days, 
and will not enter again, 
until the peak of Winter. 

He speaks to you, directly, 
as he halts, and takes 
a breather.

…Jupiter Speaks…

“So now, you’ve had a salty
taste of it.  Do you think
 you can handle it?  
I will give you a chance

now, to repair your rafts,
 for a minute. Go back, 
slow down, regroup
on the crystal shores
of Aquarius.  For the fall 
of Summer, I will let you,
again, feel some separateness
in the ways you are 

together.  But remember, 
we are coming home to this
Ocean All Forevers.  Soften 
your heart, and be ready
to dissolve on open water.”

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