THE WEAVE: (Saturn + Aquarius) SEXTILE (Chiron + Aries) = you smash them yourself

Today, on 6/23/21,

Chiron tells us a tale of merging.
Half animal, half man, he speaks
to a game of duality.  We are 

divinely flawed. We are 
the space where the Earth 
dreams.  We are the crux 

where instinct meets inspiration.  
Chiron says, make peace with 
your natures.  Saturn says, know 

this exploration is your strength.

…Chiron Speaks…

Take a deep breath.

Stand here, with feet planted,

in your pleasure, and your pain.

Both have led you

to the heart of who you are.

Be true to the Life

you sculpt for yourself.

Sand castles built.

Sand castles fallen.

You smash them yourself,

beneath your soles.  Feel

each grain of sand.

Blow into the growth you toss

upon the fire.  Be warm.

Be Love.  Be Light here, on

the dusky beach, as your own flames

devour all you know,

 and all you can never know.

Shelter yourself in this

raw moment.  Let go.

All washes loose.

All comes again.

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