THE MATH: Full Moon in Capricorn = You Are Daddy

Full Moon in Capricorn says, 

…The Moon Speaks…

“What do you allow
to inhabit your body?
Who’s judgments?

Who’s perceptions of you
do you allow to occupy
your form?  Eject

the voices that prefer
to siphon your Love,
and sprinkle it like dust

into swirling water.  No one
can do this, without your
permission.  Know the timing.

Know which portals are
worth the cost of entering,
and which ones lead

to an endless devouring.
Yield. Swim up for air.
You can always dive back

into the clamor, if you are
brave, and you feel Death
would expand you.  But,

for now, extract your Self
from what does not want
to send Love back to you.

There is no one to save, 
but for yourself.  Save 
your Self, and all will be


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