Venus enters Leo

Tonight, 6/26/21, Venus swims
 ahead, leaving the water
 world of Cancer, washing up
 on the fire island of Leo.

Like the turtle, she carries
the lessons of home with her
as the shape of her own 
skeleton.  She tells us how
to live again.

…Venus Speaks…


 “Embrace the Sun. 
Your Love is a spell.

Cast it,

like a net, across

the shimmering Ocean.

Let what is not for you

slip through the empty

spaces.  Catch your heart,

and let it flip on

the deck, out of water.

What kind of ruby are you?

Here, in the glinting rays,

dry off.  Imbibe

the heat of the Sun

into your core.  Trap it

there, for all Eternity.

You are the Light.

You are the Day.”

Venus gives a writing prompt.

What makes you feel good
(more please)?
What makes you feel bad 
(so good)?

What feels unknown?

What makes you feel good 
(so bad)?
What makes you feel bad 
(but seriously stop)?

Stuck in duality?  
Phone a friend!
We can’t escape it, but 
occasionally we can
swim through the threshold,
like an adorable
little sperm.  How many
sides are there actually?
Are you sure
you only have two faces? 
Have you ever
ACTUALLY found the edge 
of your container?
What deeper web is woven
beneath the triggers 
of your associations?
Dream with me for a minute:

Cut yourself 
into a shape you want 
to be. What kind of geometry 
do you form?  Why?

In who’s image are you 
inclined to shape yourself? 
You can change that anytime.

We’re talking sexy, 
sexy boundaries
baby.  WELCOME 
Consider this your favorite 
incense, wafting out
your bedroom door.  Beckoning
you, to figure out, WTF 

does intimacy mean to YOU?
It’s personal.  
It’s pleasureful.
It’s painful.  I dare you

to risk the hurt 
of exploring. true. 

xx. Venus

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