Vesta’s Tips for Hacking your Birth Chart

Do you LOOK at your birth chart,
or do you only read
what other people tell you
about your sign(s)?

Gathering information from others 
is helpful, but it’s MOST VALUABLE
that you spend time, LOOKING
at your own chart, and the shapes

anything.  If you want to hack
your birth chart, SIMPLY BEGIN
by looking at it.  What shapes

attract you?  What glyphs?
BE CURIOUS.  Off the bat, 
how do they make you feel?
What draws you to it? 

The shape?  The color?
The placement?  Look up 
their myths. How do the stories 
trigger you? CONGRATULATIONS! 

You’ve just made contact.  Begin 
the inquiry, because the inquiry 
has no ending. You are studying 
a flat image of a HOLOGRAM SPINNING. 

Set it in rotation, in your mind.  
Enter from whichever side you please.  
You can download the app, AstroGold,
for $30, to begin the PRACTICE 

of SEEING Astrology.  You can
look up your birth chart for FREE
at  On the homepage
Click “my Astro” in the top right,

and choose the line that says
“create horoscope immediately
as a guest-user.”  No sacrificial
e-mail swipe included.  

Do you “know” your rising sign,
or do you know what that ACTUALLY 
means when you LOOK at a birth
chart? Do you know, when someone

tells you their rising sign, 
with PRACTICE, you can see 
the path their house system takes 
in your mind’s eye, without

looking at their chart?  INNERSTAND
the shape of someone’s journey,
and you can let them be themselves.
INNERSTAND your own, and you become

with yourself.  Learn 
your map.  Become your own

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