“A calm psalm, resounds,
round the crown, boughs bow
to hear the hymnal.

In reverence, they reflect
it’s shape -Behold!
a Strange Cathedral.”

 - From,‘The Epic Proportions’,
                 by me, 2015.

Experimental Offering

How much have you written 
in your life? What kind 
of stories do you tend to 
create? What tales are you 

compelled to form? Do you 
have no idea?  That’s okay,
you don’t have to know. But do,
enter the Strange Cathedral

of your Waking Dreams.  
If you have no idea where 
the entrance is, that’s okay,
there are countless.  And

I’ll show you one, if you want.
Monday, August 2nd, we will be 
gathering, over zoom for our first 
Astrological Creative Writing 

Activation. Join us.  We do 
not require you to share.
This container is designed to be 
a location where we track 

our relationships to various 
archetypes.  Over time, we begin 
to see how this relationship is 
in a constant state of evolving

or devolving, in order to evolve 
again. This provides an avenue 
for self-study.  It is informative
to become aware of how you are 

stimulated by dissonant movements, 
as well as harmonious ones, 
but we will begin 

connection, between Venus in Virgo,
and Uranus in Taurus.  We will
use their Trine to initiate
a gradual process of self-discovery, 

and walking oneself to the 
threshold of the unconscious.  
What is Light?  
What is Dark? 

What is one without the other?
Rewhole in the safety 
of your own imagination.  
Your involvement can be 

as interconnected, 
or as private as you 
desire.  The opportunity 
to share is offered 

as a way to enrich each other, 
through access 
to collective unconscious,
and to provide a space 

to be WITNESSED, to those 
who DESIRE it. We give
people space to be HEARD.
Do you feel an urge 

to give feedback? Why? Write 
about it. There are many 
myths at play, in our skies. 
As you track a planet, 

through different moods, 
your Strange Cathedral begins
to take shape.  You make 
CONNECTIONS from your own

KNOWING.  This provides you 
with information about 
your UNIQUE relationship
with an archetype, as an archetype

experiences shifts in dynamics.
This is not about future-telling,
it is about self-orientation
in the Now.  It is a practice 

of self-inquiry, linked through 
the spiraling motion of CURRENT
energies.  A practitioner forms,
a unique worldview, originating
from the Self, that allows them
to navigate their lived experience,
making choices with INNERSTANDING
what is available to them 

to work with, RIGHT NOW. 
By linking a planetary movement,
to the stimulation of the mind,
they can create an ECSTATIC
expression, through the body,
of what is in their sphere.
Nothing needs to make sense
yet, this is the beginning.  

If you’d like to join us, e-mail
I’ll add you to the Zoom 
meeting. We meet

at 7pm EST, 
Monday, August 2nd. 
Free of charge. 

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