THE MATH: (Venus + Leo) OPPOSITE (Saturn Rx + Aquarius) = Clone Wars



   of wrangling Uranus. 
There’s too much known
history, he needs fresh

mystery.  He prefers a nice
Yin slate, to chalk on.

So, he moves on, to new
EXPERIMENTS.  He renders
a squad of Uranus clones
he makes from a silver hair

Venus passes to him,
pulled from U’s coat
in the Spring, the last 
time she saw him.

They think no one saw, but
the Moon scribbles the whole 

transaction, on her napkins, 
at the North Node. “More 

popcorn?” She asks Fate,
eyes glued to the scene

while simultaneously 
passing the bowl to her.



of Uranus clones
he created in a hidden Air

pocket; a cavern laboratory
within Mt. Shasta: 

“Now that we are all DADDIES, 
let’s get to business.

CONTAIN yourselves bitches
we’ve got work to do, and

we’re never going to break
the Space-Time Continuum

if everybody keeps taking
each-other’s beliefs like platinum

thorns into the center 
 of their time machines. 

You are all SPECIAL, 
UNIQUE, Snowflakes, OK?  

Let the Daddy in you reassure
you, you are a SPARKY

GENIUS, so we can start playing
CHESS, the real and ruthless

Way.  Line yourself up
with some consensual Switches,

or maybe even a partner you
know will Dom you.
Knowingly become a Sub
for the sake of riding.

We’re playing with DADDY

Remember, at the end
of the Games, even if

you lose, you are playing
for the sake of exploration, 

and you can still choose 
whatever fucking

Way you want to move on.
May the Force be with you,

you sexy 
little geniuses.”
The Uranus Clones look
Saturn in the Eye.

Setting their boundary,
with Time, they spark 
a song, in unison...

“Never take shit from a man
that would change you

before he tried to obtain
you. I made you 

(yeah) so perfectly.”

One response to “THE MATH: (Venus + Leo) OPPOSITE (Saturn Rx + Aquarius) = Clone Wars”

  1. mmmmmmm, I’m feeling like the daddy and the child all at the same time. Thank you Jillian xoxox


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