THE MATH: (Venus + Leo) TRINE (Chiron + Aries) = It’s Sacred

Venus visits Chiron
where he burns, forever
flaming Open.

“So what’s up Venus,
give me the details.
What’s happening, in there, 
close, to the surface.

I heard there’s this
kink astrologer.  She says
your kink is your super power,
it’s the crack, where the light

gets in.  Have you ever 
noticed, how close
the lingual relationship 
between Chirotic, and 
Erotic is?”

“Chiron, cut the shit,
the kids need help.
Give me something 
  to give them.”  

“It seems like all they 
really need is to touch 
each other.  But here,
Venus, give our heroes this 
photo, song, and do you have 
a pen?  I have a few

phrases, to accompany it.”

…Chiron’s picks …

VENUS takes CHIRON’s dictation

It’s sacred if you believe
it’s sacred.  Good luck
finding something that is
without it, because we’re All

Within it.  You
need only to
imagine it.
When you accept all

 beings as a part of yourself, 
if you cause (non-consensual) 
harm to one, you cause 
yourself harm.  The effect

becomes more immediate
as time wears on.  It is
a practice of returning,
to the Heart of a Muchness

you choose to hold
the closest.  It is 
an evaluation of timelines,
and choosing which 

negative consequences 
you are willing to accept
for what goals.  Choosing
negative consequences
over avoiding them,
sets you in a mind
where you are assessing 
the Way, most

aligned with a transpersonal
intersection unique to yourself.
You will be familiar 
with a transpersonal

intersection, when you sense
tension in maintaining
the posture you have taken,
in deep attention

to your current reality.  
A transpersonal intersection
is like the branch,
just barely able to hold 

YOUR weight. How will you 
distribute yourself?
  You will feel, 
before you see

when you have reached a 
crucial fork in the limb. 
Rebalance accordingly, 
or don’t, whatever.

Choose the falls
you are willing to feel.
Or just fucking fall,
and learn, whatever, shit. 

Even Jesus, flipped 
tables. We call that 
It is the greatest game

there is, to be yourSelf.”


…Saturn sings to himself, thinking of Uranus…

…Uranus sings to Saturn, because he knows Saturn is keeping Time…


Chiron and Venus Lick

lollipops on the beach.

“So what’s your 
  kink, Venus?”  

“Who me?  Well, it’s 
simple, really, I like 
to imagine the body is 
sacred, and worship 
each other as energetic
“OooOooo ya, a GOD kink.
CLASSIC.  I have that.”

Venus’s pupils 
dilate.  “Well…
Shall we 
play, then…”

“Duh, we are
   already, doing it.  
 Even the Void is 
inside it.”

“I bet we can go
deeper than him.”

“We might lose 
track of Time.”

“Well that would be
a fucking relief.”

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