THE MATH: (Venus + Leo) SQUARE (Uranus + Taurus) = I am the Feeling


6/8/21: Uranus

calls Venus…

“You did WHAT Venus?”

“I gave Saturn your hair
to build a clone army of you.”

“WTF Venus?”

“Relax, he made more of YOU.
Do you get that?  YOU are
the blueprint.  Whatever 
you become, the clones become.
It’s called QUANTUM
entanglement.  You and Saturn
are entangled.  Accept it,
and get your ass into shape.”

“My ass is in shape. 
Have you seen it?  

Venus smiles, and slaps it.

“By ass I mean MIND.
The puzzle is: to BREAK
a CONTAINER, you need
a container to break,  
like nesting dolls. Choose
a container, or the container
chooses you.”

“So what am I
supposed to do?”

“Damn, U, it’s called 
something, and WALK towards it 
until it transmutes 

into something else.
It is best to be 
better than Orpheus, and
don’t look back 

at containers you have 
already broken open, 
like a chick, 
leaving an eggshell.

Eggshells don’t need to be
glued back together.
 Maybe take a look
at a diagram

of The Hero’s Journey
and orient yourSelf
on the map.  It helps 
to know what ride

you are on, so you can
decide if and where
you want to get off.
There are always
other maps.  You can
 make your own, even.
  And, you are worthy, 
of receiving Love, Uranus.”

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