The New Moon in Cancer Casts Spells


if you have nothing.  Let me be 
the dream you walk in.
Take comfort in your knowing,

the Moon exists in the crumbling 
  world you sleep and wake in.  
 I kiss you between the eyes, 

and on each temple, betwixt 
breaths. I laugh 
into your heart.  I cry

into your tears.  I live, and die,
and live again. I choose life
for you, and for me.  I come

bearing water through the cracks
of Time.  Believe in me
if you have nothing.  A Moon
will bloom, with 
what you plant 
“Cast a spell.
Bind yourSelf into a seed

you desire to grow.
Position your life Force

within your Love.  Fuel 
a Fire that can spark

Underwater.  You can grow
an emotion, an Energy

in motion, from the inside
out.  That is all

you are ever really doing,
despite how it may

feel.  You are a Force.
Move yourself as the Current,

and the Floodgate.
You are a Frequency.

Become the Voltage
of your Dreams.  Delight

as it wakes, slowly,
up from inside 

of you. Cast a spell.
Bud your Love, 

like a summer 
lotus, open 

…Romance yourself in the mirror…

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