THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) SQUARE (Pluto + Capricorn) = the Chalice


The Moon leaves you a love 
  note, and a trail of popcorn... 

"There will be plenty
of criticism, filling

golden chalices. Refrain 
from drinking it.

Let it sit, and keep
yourself from hurling it 

at another. Just let it 
be what it is.

Just let it stand
there, open.

Just let it go
unclaimed.  Falling,

like an echo, it returns
to the heart 

who conjured it.
 Weave the dream, 

filling YOUR body.
It belongs.

It comes from you
alone.  No one else

can hold it for you,
or tell you how

to be it.  No one else can
decide if it is alive, or 

if you are worthy of it.  
It is your own decision, 

if you betray,
and waste your Magick,

to conquer a critic.
That is the way to never 

grow anything

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