THE MATH: Chiron STATIONS Rx Aries = the mote of dust


7/15/21...Chiron wakes up, 
talking in his sleep...

"One reason is, to know
ourselves, as the Universe.

That is a purpose, of studying
these cycles.  We learn them

to discover we are
one in the same

to the turning of the day.
Choose wisely, how you move

between rotations.  Enter
new spirals, rather than

learn the same Way
again, and again.

Do you need a labyrinth?
Or can you walk pathless,

on a fresh map?  How wyrd;
like wandering an unmarked 

forest at night.  You have to 
know there are beasts, but

if you sing, you can
scare them all a-Way.

The coyotes don't like
harmony, it irritates them.

The greatest grating comes
from the mote of dust,

haunting the space, where 
the silver meets the glass,

right before you pass through 
the mirror, in your heart. 
It shows you everything 
familiar, but nothing
you want to recieve.
It tells you who you are

not, but could have been,
in a beloved's eyes.  Did you
know, you are complete
without the lack
another sees in comparison
to a dream of who they want

you to be?
You are the whole 

mirror.  Focus
on yourSelf, and

the Universe bears

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