The Moon in Libra square the Sun in Cancer

The Moon says to the Sun,

"No more popcorn.  I wish 
you would stop projecting, 
onto me.  Like you, 
I only shine to find a Way, 
to shape the dark around me."
But she says it
at greater length, because 
she is a Libra, 
at the moment. 

…The Moon Speaks to the Sun…

"Do not pretend
to know, what you
do not know. Do

not assume, to know
how other people feel.
Do not imagine all that

is written, by another hand,
is for you, like an arrow
to the heart.  Ask
questions.  Trust
what people communicate
face to face, where

the body speaks, alongside
the tone, and the eyes,
and intermingles

with the air.  Trust that you
can only receive another at
the depth you receive yourself. 

Disembodied words, like these,
swirl.  Let them.  Let people 
claim ownership of themselves, 

where they choose to be,
in the present.  Trust,
most people are earnestly

looking for their Way,
towards what they sense,
they are meant

to approach.  Leave 
them be.  They know 
their Way, better 

than you.  Their path 
 opens like a pinprick, 
in perfect timing.

Interference equals
interruption.  Your Love
means Nothing, if your sunlight

  only seeks to trap people, 
in a misunderstood emotion.
Nothing is golden

that is buried in deceit.
We tarnish ourselves, with self
inflation.  A mask 

is only honorable, when
the other can see, you are
 wearing one, like two
   lovers, courting, at CVS."  

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