THE MATH: Vesta Leaves Virgo = Venus Enters Virgo = The Mirror

Yesterday, Vesta entered 
 Libra, leaving Virgo.
Tomorrow, Venus enters
 Virgo, leaving Leo.

Vesta gives Venus the run 
of the Lighthouse.
Venus gives Vesta a few
Libran tips.


…Vesta says to Venus…

as she tosses her the keys
to the Lighthouse, in Virgo…

"I'm blowing this 
popsicle stand.

There are tea leaves,
in the cupboard.

There's a chalkboard,
on the fridge. 

There are maps,
on the table.

There are candles,
by the bath.

Stay as long 
as you want, but

get out, as soon
as you can.  There is

a difference between
refusing to look, and

choosing to look elsewhere,
after you have taken

a wide-eyed gulp of things.
Learn where your thirst 

comes from, but only
bottle what you need, 

when you move on.  I will
see you in September,

when you catch up with me.  
What about you?

Any parting thoughts
to offer me?  Libra is,

your domain, after all..."  

…Venus says to Vesta…

As she removes her boa,
and looks around…

"If you are what you 
focus on, who are you?

Are you a person,
place, or thing?  Are you

a culture, or a mountain?
Are you a crisis, or

a swell?  Are you Now,
or Nevermore?  Libra

-marked souls, find
their way through Mirror

-Hopping; Eye to Eye.
Alone, a Libra might be

anything.  In community
a Libra can be everything.

With enough courtship,
worlds are built.  Become

comfortable with feeling 
the different realms,

existing, depending on
who's eyes you are

looking into.  Between
two, you become your own

vacuum, for an hour,
or a lifetime.  Dream

-Weaving is a skill to be
developed; Where everything is

Yes, And, Maybe, Also.
Can you mingle

without conquering?
Can you tangent more orbs,

yet cease comparing?  A kind
of Power lives, where two

consciousnesses meet.
You are what you focus on,

so who are you?  Be 
soothed.  I am probing 

through the darkness, to learn 
mySelf, and NoThing, too."

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