THE MATH: First Full Moon in Aquarius = Take me to your Planet

This cycle, we have TWO 
full moons in Aquarius. 
Tomorrow’s full moon says,
“Be your Wyrd ass self.”
Next full moon says,
“Did I stutter?” 
  The Moon tries on outfits
she shapes from the clouds,
as she waits for a ride
from the Spirit
of Aquarius...


The Water Bearer rolls up

to the Moon, and rolls down

his window…
"Where do you seek
fuel, and why?
Find the source

that cannot be 
moved.  Find
the Well, that keeps

replenishing.  How
do you dole
your ichor?  Who

do you nourish?
Are you parched
in the process?

That is within
your control.  Water,
is for everyone,

but your Well,
is not.
Only you can choose

where to direct your 
aqueducts.  How do you want 
to feel?  What choices
do you need 
to make, to stabilize
a Flow in that direction?  

Sometimes, we must 
separate, to come together,
with ourSelves.

Aquarius knows, 
about the spaces 
within togetherness.

 There are boundaries, 
set in Love.
There are borders

we must hold to, and 
accept that we may 
never be met there,

by a Force outside
ourSelves, if we dare to be
ourSelves.  This is a Way 

to Truth, as true
 as any other. Love 
is a bottomless pit

if you cannot 
protect your own 

…Aquarius turns up the volume as they take off in his Porsche…

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