Art Commission Info

It was lovely to work 
on this commissioned piece
leading up to this
  full moon in Aquarius.  

I’m using this opportunity 
to remind you,
all the artwork you see 
on this blog 
is my own.

It is a decades-worth
of paintings, drawings, and photos
I now use to story-tell
Astrological transits,
  and make my own myths.  

Any artwork you see here 
can be commissioned, or tailored 
in a recreation of your choosing.
Recreations will never be 
 exactly like their originals, 
especially if the medium changes.
I work with people to add,
or subtract elements and colors 
that are meaningful to them.

For this commission, Sarah wanted 
mountains added to the scene.
Others sometimes want
the same design, but 
entirely different color schemes.

For those within Colorado,
I am available to paint murals. 

 Have your own vision 
for a circular design?
Be in touch.
I may be able to create
something that resonates.

For commission requests, 
email me at

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