Mercury enters Leo…

like a hot wheels race car,
with *LOKI* decals on the sides.

He drifts 150 degrees, burning
rubber, to face Jupiter,

as he returns to the late chapters 
of Aquarius.  Mercury climbs 

out the window, of his idling 
whip, and swings onto the roof.

He doesn't want Jupey to forget,
what he's doing, over there,

as he expands where he left
threads of December to May.

He hollers to the Great 
Magnifier, from the Lion

in his heart...

…Mercury’s Hot Takes…

"If you are yourSelf,
people will Love you, 
and people will talk shit.
Either way, don't get attached.

That ish doesn't matter.
If everyone likes you,
you're doing it wrong.
If people are talking

about you, give yourself 
a pat on the back.  You are 
being yourSelf.  You
aren't trying to please

everyone.  Those who have 
something to say, about the Way 
you do life, should thank
you.  Inspiration is

inspiration.  It springs
equally from aversion,
as from attraction.  The goal
is not to make people

like you. The goal
is to make people
more like themselves.
Friction creates
ripples, and questions, and 
we need those things Now.
You are a big, beautiful
sight for sore eyes, or

an eyesore, baby.  You
are giving them content
to digest within
their days. Yes, honey, 

you are, that bitch."

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