Jupiter Rx enters Aquarius

Jupiter Retrograde enters Aquarius
asks, "Where do we draw the line
on attacking each other's freedoms?

Asking questions is a healthy 
route towards connecting 
with each other, across divides."

…Jupiter’s Questions…

There are so many Ways 
to think.

Do the boundaries feel
fuzzy to you?

Does your righteousness
serve you?

Who are you truly helping
through tactics of shame?

We have enough shame
bleeding into the world,

keeping us from the Love
we truly want, until it is

too late to claim it, disappeared;
creating anguish, centuries old.

Who are you
to tell anyone else

what to do with their body?
Whether you are a man

who demands his woman be 
on birth control,

or a woman, who demands her man
get a vaccine. 

Or a mother, who demands her son
 only sleep with women.

Or a father, who demands his daughter,
 remain a woman.
Who are you
to believe your authority

has a right to extend
beyond the parameters

of your own body?
And as you begin to slip

into that trench, 
where is the bottom?

Who do you truly serve
by breaking down the boundaries 

of human rights
for the sake of "goodness"

whatever the trend
of goodness happens to be

in the reality you exist in?
What really is the difference

between a virus
and a program?

Do you need a reboot?
Shut down. Dissect
your own parts, rather than 
the parts of others. 

Is it Love that drives
your actions?  Or is it Fear?

Clean out the dust
lodged in your OWN motherboard.

See it not as a pesky invader,
but as your own skin; pieces
of the Death, falling 
off your body, every second.

Face it. Let go
of needing to know

how to put it all back
together again.  Travel

to a time when you are
more than the sum of specific 

parts, functioning in specific
ways.  Can you just be

in parts for now?
Can you just be the Air

breathing around them?
Can you just face

mortality?  Can you just live
Knowing, the only body

you deserve to have Power
over, is your own,

and Death belongs
to all of us?

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