Mars enters Virgo

...Mercury calls Mars 
from where he's painting 
his nails, in Leo...

"So Mars, whats up?
What's your latest war

"I'm eating ice cream
with the enemy."

"FASCINATING, that sounds
up my alley, but WTF
does that mean?"

"Haven't you heard?  Katie says,
It's *Hot Philosopher Summer*.  
I'm reading existential philosophy."

"Ahhh, yes, you are licking
the slow, and sticky drip
of meaninglessness.  Be 
careful!  It licks back."

"I am not as easily changed
as you are, Mercury. 
If you read something compelling,
and it changes 
your viewpoint, perhaps 
your viewpoint was not
very sound."

"Wow, read a few books, by a few
old, dead, white guys and you are 
already a pretentious asshole."
"I guess maybe they are
licking me, after all."

"If you read something compelling,
and it doesn't change 
your viewpoint, perhaps 
you are just stubborn AF."

"I am stubborn, yes.  How else,
does one become a philosopher?"

"Good point."

"I'm in Virgo now, Mercury,
Virgo loves systems, and being
critical, and looking hot in glasses.
I'm using the Astrology,
so the Astrology does not 
use me.  I thought to myself,
'I bet a lot of tortured, old
philosophers are native
Mars in Virgos.'  So I looked
it up.  Nietzsche's Mars is 
in Virgo, conjunct his Midheaven."

"So that makes him, 
 like, the mascot."  

"Napoleon Bonaparte 
has his Mars in the Midheaven
of Virgo too."

"So we're talking tactical
geniuses with complexes."

"I think having a complex
 might be part of being a genius."

"-Or a serial killer."

"-Those tend to be natives
with strong Capricorn placements."

"Good point."

"In Virgo, I am a high strung
eccentric, who makes master 
plans people will praise,
but later talk shit about.
They criticize the character
of me they generate through 
their subjective experience."

"Isn't that, like,
 all famous people?" 

"Essentially, yes.  Philosophers
were the scandal-makers,
back in the day, when white 
guys were the only ones 
with the right to think 
new thinks.  Back then,
the public still cared 
about sexy thoughts, 
more than sexy bodies.
Sexy thoughts make people

"Well, someone had to keep the torch
of original thought alive,
through the Nazi regime, 
Catholicism at large, 
or whatever insidious structure
 of "goodness" sought 
 to dominate the age."

"Yeah, and they were just
the best at arguing
their original thought,
while less eloquent or clear
-minded individuals got 
tossed aside, or tossed in
the salad of propaganda,
because they lacked the proper
opportunities to learn
how to think for themselves."

"So what about you?  Did you 
lack opportunities to learn,
and think for yourself?"

"I lack a consistent personality
due to my childhood experiences
 and the way my brain was formed."


"So now, when an obsession hits me
I milk that shit.  I make
ice cream, while the moment lasts.
Right now, the ice cream is hot,
hot philosophy."

"You're becoming a bibliophile."

"It’s called ULTRA-LEARNING,
Mercury, haven't you heard of it?  
It's a better use of time
than the 3 hours you spend
daily, dissociating on Instagram.
Say it with me, we are 
making philosophy sexy again."

"Your hot-philosopher side is mutating
you into a very judgmental
someone, Mars."

"What can I say, 
Virgo is mutable.  At least, 
show your "followers" this book, 
on your InstaStory, 
where we compulsively feed 
fear and anxiety 
into the collective 
external nervous system."

"Is it by a dead white philosopher?"

"It's by a not-dead white philosopher,
but it will still make them think."

"...Mars, WTF, on page 9, he deems 
the thought processes 
of 'magical thinkers' 
to be 'imbecilic obscurantism'.
He's talking about us, bitch!"

"He drags everyone, Mercury,
just like you do.  Get over it.
You don't have to agree with everything 
he says, to glean strategy from it." 


Looking for a cult?!?!  

Follow @katie.sula.exists on Instagram to become a Philosophucker, and join in the cacophony of existence.

She is your friendly, non-local, self-proclaimed Philosophical *thot*, bringing you access to a variety of concepts in flirty, Cosmo-girl fashion. 

Please enjoy this snippet on Nietzsche.

The Poem within the Poem…


Slow, sticky, meaninglessness
licks back.  Stubborn AF systems,

being critical, looking hot
in glasses.  Tactical geniuses.

Eccentric master 
plans character generate.

Subjective scandal-makers,
think new thinks.

Sexy thoughts: untamable,
original, alive.

Obsession milk: hot, hot
philosophy bibliophile.

mutating 'Magical Thinkers'

'Imbecilic Obscurantism'
Get over it.  You

don't have to agree.
Interested in receiving an Astrology reading? 

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