THE MATH: Mercury Cazimi the Sun in Leo = Take Back Your Heart


Mercury and the Sun meet again.
They were last together,
during the Solar Eclipse 
in Gemini, on June 10th.  

How have you synthesized 
what you were learning then?  
What has changed?  What hasn't?
Where do you still measure 

yourself through the eyes, 
expectations, lives, or 
love of others?  Taking back 
our heart is sometimes 

a practice we must repeat,
again and again, while we 
teach ourselves how
to truly love our unique

expressions of humanity.

The Sun Speaks, Mercury takes dictation, again.

"Be beyond 
the need for validation.
Act without looking back
to see who appreciated

your flourish.  Do you
like your actions?  Do you
enjoy your own gifts?  Do you
do what inspires YOU, regardless

of who calls you a King, or
a Queen, selfish, or frivolous?
Filling your own cup is the only
Way to keep it full.  Ladle in

the sunshine from your own eyes.
Lead yourself into stages
where there may not be a crowd.
Let yourself change.  Let yourself 

fumble.  There is Power
to be placed, where you can stand
beyond the need to see yourself
through the eyes of glorification

by those you entertain
with your brilliance, 
with your genius,
with your rebellion, 

with your pain.
If you only bloom 
for measurement, do you really 
bloom at all?  Claim yourself 

for yourself.  Do not let 
the crowd of criticism
keep you small.  Small people 
will make a mockery 

of the Ways, they have never tried 
to take.  Do not make a mockery 
of yourself, by justifying 
what grows in your spotlight.  

It is yours.  Claim it. 

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