8/8: New Moon in Leo

Prompt yourSelf…

On this new moon in Leo,
the Sirius star rises, 
and aligns with the Sun.

This movement is known
as the Lion’s Gate.  Ancient
Egyptians corresponded the annual 

rising of Sirius, with the flooding
of the Nile.  What liquid Light
is rising in your own tidelands?  

What is the shape of the fire
in your heart?  What does
the child at your shoreline

act like?  What wisdom
do they keep? Who are you 
in that place? Remember

…The New Moon tells a story about the child in her heart…

"When I was four,
I walked off the end
of a dock, reading a hot pynk
marbled journal full of secrets

written in my own language,
and I like to think of that
as a metaphor for my life Now.
It was cute, when I was a kid.

I remember imagining I could read 
newspapers; looking at the pictures, 
and inventing stories for the Times. 
"Yes," my great-grandmother

would say to me, where I sat
on her lap, "That's exactly right."
She was an artist, and a lover,
and she adored puzzles.
People don't find it
as cute anymore, to be a romantic
writing riddles in an alphabet
they can read now -unless 

they agree with the messages.
Their approval doesn't change 
the fact that I will keep walking 
off the ends of things

again, and again, until I am
absorbed by nature; ways of being
dissolving like a soggy diary
at the bottom of a lake.

That first time I fell in, I cried, 
even though I knew how to swim.
But I am beginning to accept 
the shocks of inevitable change.

As we walk off the edge,
of a hospitable planet, let us wake.
 Some people call it ascension.  
The shock-pattern looks different 

for everyone; to feel fully
what is yet to come. For me, 
it always comes with codes 
to break, a nose in a book,

and pages full of secrets.”

FOMO -by Chad Browne-Springer

This New Moon in Leo, 
my creative cosmic dance 
partner, releases 
a music video.  
In the week leading up to
this Moon, we were tickled 
to discover we were speaking 
in similar symbols 

through the creative mediums 
that inspire us individually;
paths woven from the Ways 
we’ve learned to navigate

the tides.  Please enjoy 
the peace, and melancholy, 
of their creation.
May we look into ourSelves,

and find what needs saving,
knowing the World first
lives in our hearts, and
we are worthy of rest.

You deserve Love
because you exist,
not because you do
something to prove it.

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