THE MATH: (Lilith + N. Node CONJUNCT Gemini) = how to allow myself


Lilith stirs in a dream
where a coyote prowls 
her truck, in the desert,

in the night.  She gets up 
to howl at it, but
she's paralyzed again,

unable to breathe.  
It's been a couple of years 
since this has happened.

 She wakes up, gasping
about something Lucifer said, 
but not to her, last week...
"-The thing is,
I do know how to touch
people, that's the whole

problem.  I can open you
with a palm.  I can feel
a body ripple through

my elbow.  Give me
60 minutes, and I
can put you to sleep.

I can let you feel safe
enough to cry in my arms,
on or off the table.

I know how to touch
people.  I am good
at touching people.

I am better equipped in a tone
filled space, intentionally
touching a person,

than I am with words,
and I'm pretty good
with those.  I am

a person who children
trust, and dogs won't
bark at.  You will

fall in love with me,
If I touch you.
I usually don't let it

get that far.  Men
will write me letters
if they kiss me

once, and even if 
they don't.  I have 
held them with my gaze 

alone, and the buzz between
our palms.  But it's not me 
they are in love with.  

It is Love itself.
It is acceptance.
It is a hunger, for all

the heart I seek.
It’s a release
I am still learning

how to allow myself."

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