THE MATH: (Mercury + Mars CONJUNCT Virgo) SQUARE (the Nodes of Fate) = The Myths of the Rock Hopper


What’s the point of it

all, Mercury?” Mars asks


"Of all what?" Mercury
paddles the wave
back to him.  "THIS,"

Mars says, gesturing
to the entire room.  
"What the fuck is the point

of all of these stories?"
Mars says, sliding
down the wall, in a corner

of the Library.
Mercury stares at him
for a long moment.  He's not

into coddling, in the Library,
"We make meaning here, Mars."
"But WHY do we do it, Mercury?"

Mars continues sulking.
"Have you read 'The Myths
of the Rock Hopper', Mars?"

"Aren't those Lilitu's myths?"
"Yes," Mercury calls back.
"Yeah, I've read some 

of them, when I can find them,"
Mars shrugs, "and she doesn't
burn them, or scatter them

on the Wind.  
She doesn't let them out
in order," Mars ends.

"Sure she does.  It's just not
an order you recognize.  Lilitu 
lives on Spiral Time,"

Mercury explains.
"I don't get it," Mars says.
"Lilitu makes meaning, 

by letting meaning arrive.
When you let things arrive,
you begin to see how they arrive

in spirals.  It takes Time,
and a willingness to Rock 
Hop, and let things appear

to be chaotic," Mercury responds.
"I think once I heard her call it
Leap Frog,"  Mars looks up.

Mercury smiles, "Yes, Leap Frog.
All you have in any moment
is the Rock under your feet,

and it matters how you arrived
into the Space you find yourself.
Meaning is the thread.

Meaning is the current.
Meaning is unique to you.
Do you want to read the Myth

Lilitu wrote, right before
she broke into Spiral Time?"
Mercury asks.  Mars shrugs.

"We have that one here..."  
Mercury ignores him, and pulls
out a tome, from the shelf.

"Is that a volume from 
the Desert, or the Garden?"
Mars asks, interest piqued

by the look of it.
"Neither.  She wrote this one
in the Bardo, following Fate

like pebbles.  Hopping stones..."

“Chogyal,” by Manu

Mercury reads from Lilith’s myths


to go right now, I must remember
I am leaning into an art form.
I haven't stumbled into the timing

yet.  I will know it, when I feel it.
Sometimes, I get close, but lately
it leans off, at the last moment.

I am guided by the pulses, as the tides
of them wave into me, then coyly 
ebb away.  I am egged on by Fate,

to play with my whole life.  Do I
dare it?  And can I bear to wait?
I must cup my ear more widely,

if I am to hear the larger symbols
in the moments of the day.
When my whole body lights up,

electric, it is time to alchemize
a merge; a crossroad where
a power can be placed.

It requires swift tilting, and
no hesitation.  After wading,
stilly, through the subtleties,

grab your Fate, and ride 
the fibers of the Thread.
This is how my life comes to me.

I hold multiple timelines along
the Spiral.  I respect
their individual velocities.

They will all meet me, at one
nexus or another, on their own
Times.  When I learn this

I release myself from low
tides.  Instead of paddling 
one boogie board, or another,

into the muck of illusion,
I let myself drift back,
to catch a different

“CHIRON, Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets,” by Barbara Hand Clow
"What happened to Lilitu,
after that, Mercury?
Was she really that 

"After that, Lilitu found
Spiral Time, and simultaneously
got, 'so pitted bro.'" 
Mercury smirks.

Mars nods, solemnly,
"I don't know many people 
who catch their first wave.
Did she write any other

myths, about Spiral Time?"
"She has written many,"
Mercury smiles. "Read one more
to me?" Mars asks.  "OK Mars."


why everyone always says,
"Life is short."  
Life is, actually

so long.  There are revolving
symbols, moving and shifting;
revealing themselves

in the tantalizing rhythms
they were born from.  Reality
shifts, when you let yourself

feel their syncopations.
If you say life is
short, you don't hold space

for the timelines that take
longer, to circle back
-and they all Spiral

over and over again, slowly
building space, in time.
It is not exactly that you

need to wait for the Gxdz
to come, they are in you
all the while, but

you can't rush where you are
in them, when you feel the end
at the beginning.  It is intense,

the feeling of Knowing, and you
will never understand it,
if you think your life

is short.

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