Uranus in Taurus pre-Rx Inklings

Uranus turns over..

  in his bed.  
He can't sleep.
So he speaks,
aloud, a few

The Rebel

"I can feel that something
has changed.  Heart letting go
of what I’ve never

had.  Heart holding on
to what has always been
supporting me.  The Earth is

my first Lover.
It has always been
the Water; Blood

of Gaia, teaching me
a Way to Love

A Human Develops

the root center,
then the throat.
That's just the Way
it goes, ass to mouth.
Literally, your butt
-hole is the first
physical attribute
you form.  But only you
can decide how to cross
the distance.  Between
every action is a vote,
and the shapes 
you could make are end
-less.  And even then,
a map cannot dictate
the stakes,
and how you Will
pass through them.
It is the body who makes;
steps to pulse out,
and tune in.  Your roots
 determine how the whole 
spine begins to spiral 
from it's base,
  in order to adjust.  
If perpetually unbalanced,
muscles begin to over
-compensate, or under-perform; 
shifting with the change.
"The Tao is not in harmony,"
the Body says.  The Earth 
in you starts seeking 
to establish
. b a l a n c e .

A Shepherd Lets a Field

lie fallow.  "Grow," he whispers,
"the simple things.  Rest."
The Earth obeys, and unguided
grasses rage.  It could be years
before he cultivates that 
field again, but he has other
pastures that he tends
to, meticulously.
-Not a hint of milk
-weed, will poison
but a lamb.
Always must at least
one field lie fallow,
to let become what Will
upon the land.  Without
that, there's nothing
to dream with; 
just illusions, created
by a Farmer's hand.

Fascia is it’s Own Great

Mystery; The mycelial web
of all tissue, connecting
the body.  It is fascinating
to be in your body
and experiment
 with your own 
release.  Discovering
which points feel
like Yin, or Yang;
sunken, or bursting.
"I Change," the Body says.
"I am forever,

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