THE MATH: (Vesta + Libra) INCONJUNCT (Uranus + Taurus) = the Never-Ending Portal


Vesta poses
questions, to herSelves
as she feels the pull,

of a filling moon,
waxing through

Uranus is spying on her,
through his telescope....
"What shall I Will
as the Earth
swallows me?  How

shall I pass
into more arid lands?
Where the feelings
are many, and passing
in streams of organized
tumbleweeds, blowing with

the wind, in unseen
channels.  To Aquarius, 
I follow them.

I do not trust them,
because I have no need
for trust.  It is worth

my Time, no matter
what the outcome,
as any conversation 

with the Selves is.
And with others,
it is OK to draw

the enso, where you see
a portal would be 
never-ending, yet unchanging,
and you just don't want to
exchange, in Unchanging,

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