The Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Uranus has been bummed 
out, and bored since the game
of Clue he crafted, ended,

so abruptly.  He’s spent
his hours, at a chalkboard
plotting, how he’ll herd

Mars through the same
space as Lilith,
next time.  He wakes up

drooling, in a Speedo,
over a pile of wrinkled 
diagrams and equations,
when he hears the doorbell 
ring.  He bolts awake.
Company?  He sets the pot

of coffee…
“Turn that frown around
my chaotic King, 
we’re playing, strip 
poker!” The Moon beams

through the entryway. But 
she says it bundled up,
in a fur coat, and countless

Two hours later…

Both in their knickers, Now
the Moon eggs on U’s
final bluff.  She knows
they win, either 

Way, no matter.
She shimmers in his eyes
and leans across, 
the table…

“Trust in the No Thing;
In the Fecund Abyss.
Trust in the hand
you have not played 
yet.  At the End
the cord frays, into
thread-like veins.
In the Unknown
there are options,
and chances, and no wrong
Ways.  You can turn
back, Now, but
you’ve seen those sites.
Wander into Sight 
Unseen. Why 
not?  I
dare you.”

She pauses, 
and he waits, long 
enough, to see the ley 
line, flicker
in her face. 
He lays his cards 
out, grinning, 
without looking, “Destiny,
does not scare me, Lunita.”
He downs his last
gulp of moonshine,
and tosses her the speedo
he flings from his 
body.  “Shall we
go for a dip?
Here, wear this.
I’ll chase -I mean 
race you, to the 
Fecund Abyss.”

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