Mercury in Libra trine Lilith in Gemini

Mercury calls Lilith, again…

"Lilitu, why is it
so hard, to get 
a hold of you?"

"Chill bro, what has it
been, a week?"

"Yes, but I am in 
a whole new mewd,
which puts me in a fresh
relationship, with you:
Language and Justice.
We've got things to talk
about!  We've got 
Air to move!"

"So what is it
you want to do?"

"I don't know, that's why
I'm calling you."

"Libra is making you
awfully indecisive, boo."

"Give me a break, I am
transitioning, I just left
the Library."

"I get that.  Leaving the Earth
  you call home is destabilizing.  
So where are you now?"

"Oh, you know,
 Here, there, 
everywhere -Enough 
about me, what's 
new, with you?"

Lilith tells Mercury what’s new…

"More and more
these days, I put
my phone into airplane

mode. When I’m sleeping
When I’m reading.
When I’m eating.

When I’m in the bath.
I just don’t want to be
with it, anymore, more

than survival,
and these moments,
where I zing words

into the Void, through 
this Dark Mirror.
But if I’m not paying

attention to its outpourings,
why should anyone
read what I spew

here? More and more,
I wonder, what life is
like, with less interference?

I ask myself
not to romanticize,
how things were

before I owned
a cell-phone, but
to create something

from what is converging
Now, and bringing
my mind and body

together. Present. Bare
feet on stone,
hands on broom,

sweeping, watching
concrete turn three
shades lighter. I feel

blessed, to be
somewhere where I can
hear crickets. I can

appreciate what I have
because I Know
what I have lost.

The Garden.  I do
and do not mourn her
because she is

my Awakener, the Questioner
herself, and I cannot remain
alive, without seeing her

in everything. Gone
from my homeland,
but she never leaves me.

She cries out, bitter
and sweet. That is her
call Now, Here, in a Time

when we have orchards
of smart apples, but less  
Air to breath.  Those who 

really love her, feel her
bliss and pain, and will
not let her go.

I make my moves
to turn into my body,
and do what I can

to meet the Earth
within, and beneath
my soles."
“The Spell of the Sensuous,” by David Abram
"SoOoOo... you're growing stuff?"

"I am speaking,
with all that is,
Here and not Here,

with me.  And I
suggest you do
ground, Mercury."

Lilith hangs up.
“The Spell of the Sensuous,” by David Abram

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