THE MATH: Pluto + Capricorn SQUARE Venus + Libra = Medusa + Persephone


calls Persephone

for advice, on how to

evade Pluto…
"Focus on something else,
Medusa.  I hypothesize, Pluto 
has some sort of Code, unique
to him.  It is likely,
if you asked him to
'Let Go,' he did.  
Consenting not to force
himself.  Consenting to
release his grip, having
been asked, 'nicely,'
to abstain from violating
your boundaries.
It's the Free Will
of the bargain.
And that may be
as close to your Lover
as he ever comes.
'Thanks for not
raping me, when I was
a kid, bro.'  We know
it's bullshit, but
from him it is
the most you get."

"Damn, Seph,
that is fucking harsh.
Are you sure
you want to stay married
to him?"

"We're separated.  I left
him, last Spring."

"Yeah, but, it's
almost Autumn
Equinox, again..."

"This year, I am
taking a vacation,
from him."

"Can I stay with you, Seph?"

"Sure, whatever, I guess."

"But what will we do?"

"We'll just fucking 
Live, Medusa."

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