THE MATH: (Mars + Virgo) TRINE (Pluto + Capricorn) SQUARE (Venus + Libra) = Did I, Mars?


Pluto calls Mars…

"What do you want, Pluto?
I'm not giving you anything."

"But that's the whole
proposition, Mars, change
can be a 'good' thing."

"Listen, I got your girl, 
Medusa, out, just like you
asked me to; Framed, 
for freeing her,
so you wouldn't have to be.
You've been no help
in getting me back
to where I was;
My rightful place
among the GXDZ."

"There is no Back, Mars.
You can walk forever 
if you want to,
in any direction.
It will all be Back
from somewhere else."

"Seriously, what the FUCK 
do you want, Pluto?"

"Have you ever thought
about dating Medusa, Mars?"

"Psshh, no.  Medusa
is a mystery.  Who 
is she, really, behind 
all of those illusions?"

"There is only one Way
to find out, Mars."

"Let me guess, no Way,
through, but through."

"Yes, Mars!  Also,
why release her 
from my realm, if you did
not want to meet her?"

"First of all,
you released her."

"Did I?"

"And I did meet her.  
It was hot, and then 
she disappeared."

"What was hot about it?"

"The same thing
that was not hot
about it."

"Which was..."

"She took my clothes
and called me 
Fire King-
It was a consensual thing."


"But she left me there."


"And that's when 
your fucking dog 
started barking."


Later, Pluto pokes,

the Bear, on Facebook.

In retaliation, she leaves him
a long voicemail...

"Hi Pluto, Medusa Here.

Why is it, that you 
choose not to let go
of me?  That you must 
make yourself, known
to me?  Is it to prove
that you Matter?  
That you have Power?  
That I am Nothing?  
You have chosen that, 
for yourself.
You have come to the end 
of a road, of which 
I am the symbol.  
You have been Swallowed, 
and the Swallower.
Move on.  Let go.
You, who claims to be
a King.  Let go.
Swallowed, I am
in you now.  
Let me pass 
through you,
like a shit.
From your grip,
I release
Medusa hangs up…

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