THE MATH: Vesta + Libra SQUARE Pluto + Capricorn = Aww


Pluto is becoming
fucking lonely,
since everyone left 
Capricorn, and he realized
no one likes him.
If they do, why 
didn't they invite him
to the Clue party?
He calls Vesta, because,
she's the one 
writing Cosmos-Girl,
so it's really her
he needs to control...
"Hey V."

"Hello, Death Prince."

"I'm a King, and make sure
you let people know that
when you write about me."

"I will write 
whatever the FUCK
I want, my Prince."

"Whats the point
of the stories, 
anyways, Vesta?"

"That they are 
mine, Pluto, dear."

"Yeah, but they do not
really mean anything,
they're just stories."

"Nothing means Anything,
until someone blows Power
into it, and decides
it is Something.  Like a woman
blowing prayers 
into a bay leaf.  I blow
bright bubbles of feeling
and I give them
to the Void."

"So you give them to me."

"No, you're just 
the King of the Void.
I give them to Her,
to the Fecund Abyss;
Where Meaning rises
out of Meaninglessness."

"I think you mean,
where Meaning gets swallowed,
into Nothingness."

"Sure, I guess, 
if that's the side
of the Black Hole you want
to wake up on."

"I'm dead."

"You really aren't, Pluto.
You've got to stop
saying that."

"We can argue about that
another day."


"Seriously though, Vesta
why write the tales?"

"I am playing Leap Frog,
Pluto.  I am 
laying floating stones, 
across the dark
water of an unfolding
Moment that Never Ends,
because it beLights me,
and it keeps me close 
to the Mystery at the center 
of my days.  I will weave 
this Way, until 
I choose another."

"There are always other Ways."

"Yes, there always are,
like yours, for instance, but
this one is mine."

"I guess I'll let you
keep it."

"That's cute you think
it's your choice."

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