THE MATH: (Mercury + Libra CONJUNCT Moon + Libra (inCONJUNCT Pallas Athene Rx + Pisces)) = SLUMBERPARTY


Mercury and Moon lay

on the floor, heads together crying

-laughing, as Medusa recites, through the speakerphone,
the voicemail she left for Pluto...

"Like a shit, 
from your grip
I release 
mySelf, Medusa?
You did not fucking
say that,"  Mercury 

Medusa is indignant,
"Why not?  It makes sense.
Digestion = Transformation."

"Oh it sure does," chimes Lunita.

"Shut up, I'm brilliant," 
grins Medusa.

"That you are, Queen,"
confides Mercury, "That is
why they locked you up 

"So what was your favorite 
part?" Asks Medusa.

"The part where you can't stop
laughing enough to reach 
the punch line," responds Mercury.

"Laughter is just the other 
edge of tears.  Funny people, 
are pained people,"  Medusa replies.

"That's true, but, have you
ever ridden a low, that did not
have a high?  We expand our capacities
simultaneously in both, to hold
more, and find 
the middle," the Moon muses.

"Yeah, I guess I am
healing," consents Medusa.

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