Venus ENTERS Scorpio

Persephone dance-rages

on the edge of the Well,

singing, and tossing pennies into Scorpio…

Pluto watches pennies rain,

at the bottom of the Well. He sings

back to her, from the mouth of Justin Bieber…

Venus jogs up, shifting,

toe to toe, bouncing

about the Well’s threshold…
"Alright, move, I'm going 
in," Venus says.

"Why do you look like,
'Buffy the Vampire 
Slayer'?"  Persephone asks.

"I borrowed Lilith's, 
'B.B.Gun' costume."

"Why doesn't she go with you?  
She might find Lucifer."

"Because Lilith said, 
  'Present Intimacy, or bust.'  
And Lucy, said, 'bust'.  And
Lilith wills to end her chase
of what wills to evade her."


"Why don't you 
come with me, Sephy?"

"I told you, Venus, I am 
taking a break, from 
the Underworld, this harvest."

"But Pluto isn't even there, 
lately he's been haunting 
the used-book stores and golf courses."

"I am of the Pluto 
in Scorpio generation, Venus.  
He's there in Phantom, 
if not in Form."

"oooOOooh creepy, so he's with you 
any Way you go."

"Right, so, why go there?"

"Good point."

"Have fun though."

"Scorpio has plenty
of positive qualities, 
Persephone," Venus protests,
as she puts on her 
scuba gear.

"Oh yeah?  Like what?"

"Like endless depths,
and meaningful secrets."

"Sounds juicy.  Who
are you hoping to meet?"

"Persephone, dear, I AM
the Juice.  I am the One
who people meet." 

"I dunno Venus, this still
looks like a, 'True Blood'
fantasy, to me."  

Venus says 
Nothing.  She kisses 
the maiden, on her pouting lips, 
and dives in, head first.

"Just don't fuck my husband,"
Persephone calls after her.

"Fear not, sexual tension 
and eye contact, only,” comes
the rebuttal, bubbling 
back, up to her.

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