THE MATH: ((Eris Rx + Aries) SEXTILE (Jupiter Rx + Aquarius)) = VISION


Eris sends bat signals, to Jupiter.

They blip…
"Vision is Powerful.
It is the Light
in the Lantern.  It comes
from anywhere.  You need only
to notice it, to magnify it.  
I am not the first female bodied
human, to set boundaries
with my father.  But
I may be the first 
success.  It is
an unhealthy regularity
to regularly make young women
cry, at the dinner table.
It is not only me,
who thinks so, 
I was only his first
adversary; not yet beautiful, 
but bound to be.  So goes,
the mythology.  I was
smart, and pretty, and 
I disagreed with him.  What exactly 
does a Daddy do about that?  
When I was grown,
and groomed, and trusted, 
he told me how
a well placed smile is used
to manipulate, co-workers.
I asked him, to show me it,
and I grew sick, as I saw
the Way he always looks
at me, when I've spoken
something he wants me to
back down from."

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