((Venus + Scorpio) INCONJUNCT (North Node + Gemini)) = Dreams

Poem by Rumi

Venus falls through Persephone’s dream

as she dives, down the Well..
In my dream, we were
enemies, drawing our Ways
closer to each other.

He was out of shape,
and I didn't care.
I was looking

for a tesseract.
I did, and did not
want him to be there.

He had an accomplice
more evil than him,
but eventually

they separated, and
he and I were together
for a leg of the Mystery.

We entered a portal,
and danced.  I let him
push and pull my body;

hands, arms, like jelly.
We spoke little.
He did not know many 

moves, but was still
willing to take control.
It was less about

 what we were doing, 
and more about that we were
doing it together, 

in unfamiliar positions.
Eventually we were 
lip to lip.

  It is I, who kissed him, 
wrapping my fingers, to the base,
at the nape of his neck; tracing
with my thumbs, towards his chin 
as I breathed in, drinking him.
Just one kiss.  He sets me
down.  He brings me back.
He tells me again,
"But only in the Moonlight."

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