Mars ENTERS Libra

Mars wakes up, at 4:30 AM,

in the library. He packed his suitcase

yesterday. It stands tidily, by the door. But,

his Lyft wont arrive until 6:14 PM MST.

He talks to himself…
"In the hours before Sunrise
I wake, and relish
the quiet, and the crickets.  
I meditate in the glow 

of the neighbors porch light, 
and the not yet
brightening day. It is easy, 
at this hour, to be
alone, to be calm, 
to be listening.
That does not
make it easy to sit,

necessarily.  But 
it makes it romantic,
to be with dim sunrise
and light pollution,

and the Full Empty.
Today is the day,
I leave this place.
I have dusted 

the bookshelves.  I have 
ordered the titles.  I have 
left it, with more than I 
found here, and I am

leaving, with more than I 
came with; The stories, in me.
I am like a sponge, 
and then, Mars sits down

on the davenport, and waits…


Mars’ Lyft arrives in a rusty old Ford

“Super Duty”. The Spirit of Libra is driving.

Mars thinks, they look familiar…

The Spirit rolls down

the window, already speaking…
"It is possible, you will see
me, and be pulled into 
my gravity.  It has little

to do with me, it is just 
the Way you see your own
reflection, when you look

into the dark Well of me.
It is common, even Now,
with the Moons of childhood

behind me, to be minding
my own fantasies, when
strangers knock on the windows

of my dreams, offering me
pomegranate seeds.  Literally.
I no longer roll down

my windows for every passing
reality, desiring to drink
from me, but today, you are lucky.

I have the face
of someone you think you
used to know, and no one

is ever sure, exactly how
old I am -even still,
as I have let go 

of the youth to which I clung 
so tightly.  I do not live 
in Time.  So yes, some When,
you knew me."
“Well that answers that,”

Mars says, as he gets in,

and the two peel off.

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