THE MATH: ((Pluto Rx + Capricorn) TRINE (Sun + Virgo)) INCONJUNCT ((Jupiter Rx + Aquarius) TRINE (Mercury + Libra)) = BRAINSTORM


The Sun lifts his walkie-

talkie, to Jupiter. Jove is in

the sign of the Hacker, and

he might be some help

in stirring a brainstorm…

"Can we use the internet
as a Way to train ourselves
to come offline?  Can we

be more telepathic, with less
to hide?  Create your glyph,
then let go.  It is first

and foremost, for my own
expansion, that I create,
not for knowledge

I hope to be seen
as spreading, out, from me.  
A blog is a medium that suits 

me, busy-body that I am.
It collages the many 
moving pieces, and is the most 

fluid Way to express 
the gaseous flares, bursting to 
the surface of me -but I do not

exist, without gravity.
Everything I am
learning, about Life, is bound 

by it.  First and foremost, 
I hold a body, connected 
to the Earth: a terrarium 

where I continue
to explore how to express 
the Energy in an atom.

So how do we be
magicians of technology,
without being 

a pawn, in Pluto's scheme?"


Jupiter and Mercury are downloading

music on Limewire, in Jupiter’s

bedroom, when the walkie-talkie starts

firing off, just as things start
getting spicy.
They listen 
to the Sun's plea
They are quiet, for a 
moment.  Then, Jupiter 
asks Mercury,

"Mercury, can I
send Sunny that music
video you made?"

"It's on, Youtube, Jupe, you
can do, whatever you want
with it."

"You know, you can 
always just say,

Mercury pops his bubble
-gum, "Thanks, for the


My Dearest Beam,

“You are thinking a lot, Sunny.

Here, feel this. Send it viral

to the kids. It feels like

something you and Pluto
might agree on.”
Love, Jupiter.

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