THE MATH: (Venus + Scorpio) SQUARE (Saturn + Aquarius) = Brutal


Saturn calls Venus

for the 11th Time.

She finally picks up…
"Venus, will you
go on a date with me?
My dog died."

"No, Saturn."

"Why not?"

"Because I went on a date
with you, last week, as a 
consolation for your incessant
badgering, to re-discover
I am feeding a beast,
I do not wish to
 eat Time with."

"But you paid, for your coffee.
Venus, it's not the same thing.
This Time, it's on me."

"Then I'm definitely 
not going, Daddy."

"Why not?"

"Because I do not
 owe you my Time.
Do you really want me
to read you, right now, Saturn?
It's going to hurt."

"Fine, sting me.
Let it out."

"You think I am a dark,
sexy, fairy, and you are
hoping to buy your Way
into my Mystery, by pretending 
you want to be friends with me.  
Simultaneously, you want me 
to be your Mom.
I cannot be your Mom.
It's not a skill I have.
That is reserved for people
who's mothers loved them.
My mother is the Fecund
Abyss, and she's pretty passive
-aggressive.  I just seem like 
I would be good, at being 
a mom, because I am 
good at talking to children, 
like I am one
-Which is why I am good
at talking to you."

"I like you because
you are deep, and you 
have magical ideas."

"Yeah, well, they're mine.
And quite frankly, I am
a dark fairy, and I don't care
that your dog died.  I resent you
for using that as an emotional
ploy, to win more of my Time.
I am not your emotional regulatory
system.  That is no longer
my story.  You do not get
to be my man, just because 
you text me, repetitively, 
and I respond every 5th Time 
you do.  Do you pick up
on subtle cues?
In bed, that's what I will
need from you.  We have been
there already, and I know
you make it all about you.
You use your slave-pet, to lick 
your lonely wounds,
and that is not something
I will do for you."

"Ouch, Venus."

"You consented to it."

"Well next Time,
I'll just ask for milk,
or some fruit."

"Whatever suits you."

"What would you have said
to me, if you were 
going to sugar-coat
the pomegranate juice?"

"I would have said,
'Hi Saturn, I'm feeling
at capacity right now,
like I don't have room
to hold space for you.
I'm sorry to hear 
 about your dog.'"

"But.. you're not sorry."

"I love animals."

"But you just said,
you don't care
my dog died, Venus."

"I care that the dog died.
I just won't take on 
the burden of grief, for you.
There are wounds, that never
heal.  If you find one,
you have found something
real.  And from that experience, 
I wish not to rob you."

"I don't think 
I actually like
dark fairies."

"Exactly.  Don't waste
  your precious Time on me.  
If anything, I am a cat person.
Go find yourself, a dog lady."

"You are right, that would be
 a better fit for me.  See?
I still like your ideas."

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